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Yet another OFPOD

OK, I guess we'll keep this going for now... Here's today OFPOD: Bill Bowers. We met Bill at our very first convention, Midwestcon in 1977, when Bill's cat pounced on Denise. Bill would become an important friend in our lives after that. He'd talk us into attending our first worldcon, Iguanacon in Phoenix in 1978, where he was Fan Guest of Honor. Bill was well-known for editing fanzines, such as Double:Bill, Outworlds, and Xenolith, and I'd write several pieces for him over the years.

This shot's from the 1981 Midwestcon. We miss you, Bill. You left us far too soon.

Bowers, MWC 81

supergee August 23rd, 2013
One of the first fannish things I ever saw was The Double-Bill Symposium, and I loved his zines.

sleigh August 23rd, 2013
I did as well. He had a lovely graphical eye.

minnehaha August 23rd, 2013
This pic looks like you Photoshopped out his cigarette.


sleigh August 23rd, 2013
I didn't... but you're right, the cigarette was ever-present in Bill's hand. In this case, it was probably in the other hand. :-)

maiac August 23rd, 2013
I could never spend as much time as I'd have liked talking to Bill, because of the cigarette smoke. But I have fond memories of him.