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Sheila Gilbert of DAW for Best Editor, Long Form

It's Hugo nomination time again… Last year, for the first time, Betsy Wollheim made the final ballot for the Hugo in the Best Editor, Long Form category. Even more wonderfully, she won -- a very well-deserved award for someone who done a tremendous amount of good for the field.

This year, I'd personally love to see Sheila Gilbert, the other editor/publisher of DAW Books, do the same. As someone who's published with nearly all the various houses, I can tell you that DAW is a special place, where the author isn't treated like a number, where decisions aren't made based entirely on sales figures, where from the publishers on down, there is a sense that everyone on the staff really cares about the work they're putting out.

And yes, it's been my pleasure to have Sheila as my editor for the last decade and more. She's been a tremendous editor, giving my excellent feedback toward revisions and making certain that each book I've given her been the best I can produce at the time -- she won't let me settle for anything less. Every single time that we've have an editorial talk, there's been an "Aha!" moment for me, when Sheila's said something that made me see the work with a new light and driven the revision process.

She's done the same for countless other writers in the field over the years, and I think it's long past time that Sheila is recognized for her work in the field. My nomination is (as it has since she's been my editor) is going to her in the Editor, Long Form category.

I'd ask you to consider doing the same when you're filling out your ballot.

wouldyoueva January 21st, 2013
I haven't gotten my PIN yet, but I'm always looking for recommendations for nominees.