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Pictures of silliness from Andy's b'day party yesterday...

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Throwback Thursday... Here's a shot of me holding Katie, back at our Nansen St. house, probably taken in the early 1990s. Katie found us as a kitten/young cat, showing up on the porch of our house [edited to correct] around Thanksgiving on a cold night, and looking miserable. At the time, we already had a cat (Ali, a Himalayan/Siamese mix) and weren't looking for another, but Katie looked so pitiful that we put out food for her -- yeah, we should have known then... She kept coming back every day, and, well, eventually we brought her in. She was a strange-looking cat: a big fluffball with white fur but a black tail, and a few black spots on her face.

We had her as a companion for a long, long time, but she eventually suffered kidney failure in 2007 as a very old cat, and as she got sicker and thinner, we knew it was time. She did as well. We got to the vet's office, and the vet went back to prepare the shot. I was holding Katie on my lap with Denise next to me, and we were both petting her when she gave a small cry, then stopped moving. The vet came back in, and we told him she'd already passed, all on her own...

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Chat room

You like cat pictures, huh, interwebs? OK, here's Anaïs and Finnigan sleeping together -- a rarity, unfortunately, as they rarely care to be this close to each other.

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Cincinnati? Progressive?

Shared from John Alberti in the FB NKU English Department page: An op-ed in the Washington Post by Judi Ketteler, NKU alum, who expounds on Cincinnati's slow evolution from a horribly conservative city to one that is almost progressive...

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This is a moving story by a good friend of the family, Jason Berns, who gave us permission to share his tale. Read it, and know that he's one of those who survived. Many haven't... Jason's also started a FB page supporting a project he wants to pursue: collecting the stories of veterans who have faced suicide. The page is here: -- go and like it!

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So you know...

I've been told I should do this (hi, Denise!), even though I dislike jumping up and down and shouting "Me! Me! Me!"

But here goes anyway. My novel IMMORTAL MUSE is eligible this year for nomination to the World Fantasy Awards, as it was published by DAW Books in March 2014. So If you've read it, and if you feel it's worthy of nomination, and you're eligible to nominate...

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Uncommon Roscommon

While Ireland passed the referendum allowing gay marriage with a significant majority of 62%, there was one single county in Ireland that voted (if narrowly) against it: Roscommon.

Which also happens to be the country from which my forebears came, and where the majority of my Irish relatives still live. The Irish Times had a interesting article about Roscommon County and why it alone of the Irish counties voted down the referendum.

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All right, Ireland! The vote isn't official yet, but since I'll be traveling most of the day, I wanted to shout "Hurray!" a little early. It appears that Ireland will become the first country to approve gay marriage by popular vote -- and in a country that is largely Roman Catholic.

Here's what the The Irish Times is saying this morning: "Ireland is on course to approve the amendment on same-sex marriage with a strong Yes vote reported around the country... Senior politicians have welcomed the vote with Minister for Health Leo Varadkar saying the overwhelming Yes vote makes Ireland a “beacon of light” for the rest of the world in terms of liberty and equality."

A beacon of light, indeed. As a person of Irish ancestry, I am very, very pleased.

We here in America should take the hint.

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Y'know, I hate it when things live up to stereotypes... I have posted 18 times so far in May. Guess which post of those 18 had the most traffic. Yep, you're right: the post yesterday of Finnigan. Evidently the internet is intended strictly for cat pictures.

Obviously, I have been doing the internet wrong. So here, have another one: this time of Ana, Finnigan's sister.

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My mistake...

Our cat Finnigan has told me that I'm doing the internet wrong. I'm posting bird pictures when the internet is intended for cat pictures. Let me rectify my egregious error.